Waupun Public Transport Service Comes On The Road: Revenue To Face City Street / Road Repairs | Regional news


This calculation assumes that everyone in the city benefits from the road system. Even a person who does not own a car benefits from deliveries, taxi rides, friends, services and other trip generators. Tariffs are cost-based and fair, and are set to meet and meet the city’s full revenue needs. For planning and discussion purposes, these needs are estimated at $ 1 million per year.

If utility is not pursued, the city will have to continue borrowing money for large projects and using the tax levy to finance factory and coating (resurfacing) projects. With a host of unresolved capital needs, however, tough choices will have to be made and street projects could be put on hold. Urgent work is needed on the public security building, the center for the elderly and the town hall.

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Recent surveys of city streets have shown urgent needs, although Madison Street was largely completed last year.

Approximately 30 municipalities in the state of Oregon currently have transportation services. The presenters indicated that several communities in Wisconsin have transportation services and that many more are exploring the possibility.

The rates were pre-calculated at $ 108 per year for a residential property, $ 4,500 for a multi-use commercial building, $ 304 for a commercial office building, $ 12,000 for a fast food restaurant with drive-thru, $ 6,600 for a bank, $ 700 for a church, and $ 11,500 for a government-owned (tax-exempt) building such as a prison.

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