Vastu Remedies That Will Help You Solve Your Financial Problems

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Money is an important part of our lives and we all struggle to build a good stream of income for a good future. It is said that money is not everything, but it still has a lot of value because we get the ability to buy and the freedom. Vastu Shastra is one of the best ways to enhance your financial growth. Vastu means money through 3 areas.

The first is the North (kuber than) – this is the place of accumulation of wealth. Second, southeast (Agni kon) is also very important as it governs the liquidity of our treasury. There are people who have a lot of fixed assets but no cash at their disposal. They feel they don’t have enough cash on hand. The third area that denotes money is the Northeast (Ishan kon), it brings prosperity, wealth and overall growth.

Let’s understand how to solve the financial problem according to Vastu.

1- North, ruled by Mercury

Mercury’s color is green and if used in the North area it increases incoming money. This can be done through paint, wall color and wallpaper. You can also place a money plant or a water fountain in the North area. It should be white and not too big. The mirror can also be used in the North area as it duplicates energy, indicating a double flow of money. You can also place mercury yantra.

In the North area, you can also use Kalash therapy. Keep a Kalash filled with water and put 3 coins and cover it. Keep changing the water in 2-3 days.

2- Southeast, ruled by Venus

In the southeast zone, the planet is Venus, so if you put Shukra yantra, it brings money, luxury and prosperity to your house.

The optimum amount of red color should also be used in this direction. You can put a red bulb to activate this area so that cash liquidity increases.

3- Northeast, ruled by Jupiter

Keep your northeast area bright and clean. Do not obstruct this direction. One can also use a mirror in this direction to duplicate the energies. The northeast is ruled by Jupiter (guru), so use the color yellow in that direction. Jupiter yantra can also be placed in this area.

These simple remedies can be a big help in increasing cash flow.

(Article by Vaishali Gupta)

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