Two women file for divorce from their gambling-addicted husbands | Bangalore News

Bengaluru: Two women contacted the Bengaluru City Police Women’s Hotline in separate cases, asking to be separated from their spouses, who they said were severely addicted to online gambling, highlighting jeopardize their married life.
While one pawned his property and took loans to play poker and lost Rs 32 lakh, the other stole from the bank he worked with to support his gambling habits and ended up losing Rs 35 lakh.
In early March, 24-year-old Hebbal resident Vanishree (name changed), an IT professional from a large company, approached counselors at Parihar, Vanitha Sahayavani’s family counseling center which falls under the Bengaluru Police. .
“Vanishree has been married for three years now. She learned very recently that a property her husband owned was being pledged for a high interest loan and he had taken out many other loans as well. She realized that all the money was used to feed his online gambling addiction,” said a senior adviser who handled the case. The man is about to lose his IT job because of his addiction.
He got into online gambling for fun with a few thousand rupees and won good returns. “It got him hooked and he wasn’t even interested in a physical relationship with his wife. He lost a large amount of money in 2020 and in a bid to recover the lost amount he pledged a piece of land which he owned and also borrowed from many people at exorbitant interest rates.Finally, when his wife realized that he had lost Rs 32 lakh, she contacted the police who told us referred,” added the adviser.
Meanwhile, during the second week of March, Sharmila (name changed), 28-year-old Austin Town resident, former IT professional and now homemaker, approached Parihar with a grievance regarding drug addiction. her husband’s online game. “Her husband was a cashier at a large private bank and he started playing rummy online during the lockdown,” a senior adviser said. The banker took out loans using several options, including loan sharks, to maintain his gambling habits which his wife was unaware of until the bank recently suspended him from work for misconduct professional. “He was losing a lot of money online but he kept playing thinking he would win back more. been recently arrested and suspended pending an official investigation,” the adviser said.
The teller had lost Rs 35 lakh in online gambling in two years.
Loan sharks and her husband’s suspension from work left Sharmila sleepless who was eventually forced to borrow money from her parents to repay Rs 25 lakh to the bank. But her husband also pocketed the money to play card games online. She then decided to leave him and went to the police.

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