Top 24 FinTechs to watch in 2022

In recent years, the fintech industry has exploded, especially during the pandemic. This exponential growth can be attributed to various factors such as increased automation needs of businesses and consumers, demands for remote work during the pandemic and digital transformation. Even governments have taken note of the fintech industry’s success as a job creator.

As a result, fintech looks set to outperform much of the market again in 2022 and investors continue to invest money in the most promising players. We took a look at which companies have captured the market’s attention and are poised to dominate their spaces in the New Year.


The first fintech on our list is Array. This company works in the credit reporting industry and uses a completely remote business model.

The Array platform is designed to teach users how every transaction they make will impact their overall financial health. Businesses can partner with Array to provide their buyers with information about their credit scores while also giving them the ability to better protect their identity.


CapLinked has long been the leading player in the virtual data room space. Their platform provides a secure environment for sharing and managing documents, especially during complex transactions. Virtual data rooms are an essential part of financial services, including mergers and acquisitions and fundraising, as investors, banks and traders rely on them for information security when many players are involved. in a transaction. WSJ has called CapLinked the go-to provider of virtual data rooms.


The third entry on our list is a direct-to-consumer fintech solution. Digit’s flagship product is an app that gradually transfers small amounts of funds to a savings account based on user-specified criteria.

Users can have these funds deposited into accounts for retirement, vacation, or other purposes. Digit’s app uses the latest machine learning technologies to determine how much money to transfer and when to process those transactions.

Above loans

Above Lending offers a user-friendly loan application platform. The system allows users to sort the loan options that best suit their needs. They can then apply for one of these debt consolidation loans in order to combine the existing credit card bills into one monthly payment.


Like Clyde, MANTL is also based in New York City. The B2B software company works directly with credit unions and banks to help them optimize back-end tasks. They provide these financial institutions with personalized tools designed to improve the user experience.

MANTL’s goal is to help its customers by increasing conversion rates and increasing the number of deposits they receive.

Hudson River Trade

Hudson River Trading is located in Austin, Texas. This innovative fintech company relies on a team of statisticians, engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians to develop automated trading algorithms.

Spring labs

Spring Labs focuses its efforts on data security. They facilitate the secure transfer of information between businesses using real-time data ledger and blockchain technology. Their platform makes it easier for companies in the financial sector to fight fraud.


Chime is best known as a mobile bank that offers automatic, no-fee savings accounts and prepayment options. Chime is set to take a big step forward in 2022, as more consumers seek flexible banking solutions.


Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. From experienced investors to average consumers, everyone is in on the action.

Coinbase makes it easy for individuals to buy, sell, and manage their digital currency portfolio. They support users in over 30 countries and have facilitated the exchange of over $ 150 billion in various digital currencies.

The morning star

Morningstar is based in Chicago, Illinois, and operates in the investment industry. Morningstar offers several products and services designed to connect investors to leading financial research.

By facilitating these connections, Morningstar helps everyday consumers make smart investment decisions.

Credit Karma

The hugely popular Credit Karma is a financial technology company specializing in credit reporting services. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and was founded in the spring of 2007.

Credit Karma’s platform and mobile app provide users with access to monitoring, reporting and other data on their credit scores. The program is completely free for online consumers.

Credit Karma uses consumer data to match individuals with new credit opportunities, including auto insurance and loans.

Robin Hood

As Coinbase grows in popularity among those interested in cryptocurrency, fintech company Robinhood remains the preferred investment app for millions of investors every day. Robinhood’s app is extremely intuitive, making it easy for novice traders to build their portfolios.

Whether you’re looking for a new digital product to make it easier to track your financial health or want to start investing in this exciting market, the companies mentioned above should be on your radar as 2022 approaches.


OpenSea is a fintech platform designed to allow users to manage their NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique types of data that can be stored in a “digital ledger”. NFTs can be linked to audio files, videos, photos, and other files. Like cryptocurrency, NFTs are based on blockchain technology.


The Betterment Platform provides users with automated cash management and financial advisory services. The New York-based company is registered with both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Fi training

FormationFi offers cross-chain risk parity agriculture solutions. Yield farming is the process of crypto lending, but the returns are usually minimal. FormationFi aims to help its users mitigate the risk of blockchain yield farming and achieve better yields.


The fintech company Payoneer offers its customers the ability to easily make and receive international payments. In addition, the platform has digital business management tools.

Payoneer works primarily with professionals in the independent services, e-commerce, digital marketing, vacation rental accommodation and outsourcing industries.


Melio is a payment platform designed specifically for B2B companies. Customers can pay supplier invoices by free bank transfer. They can also make payments through the Melio credit card at a charge of 2.9%. The company has a user-friendly mobile app that’s perfect for business owners and executives on the go.


PatternFi uses advanced AI technology to provide its users with access to a robo-advisor. The platform includes financial planning services, management tools and tax optimization software. PatternFi is a great tool for individuals and business owners.


Gatsby is a stock buying app similar to Robinhood. Gatsby not only offers zero commission, but they also have a feature known as “Gatsby Reward Points”. Users can redeem their points at the end of each month for cash.


eToro is an Israel-based brokerage firm. Instead of making it easier to trade stocks, eToro allows users to trade crypto and forex or forex assets. The platform allows fractional investing, offers commission-free trading and has many other features.

Celsius networks

Celsius Networks specializes in cryptocurrencies. However, the platform also offers interest-bearing savings accounts, payment processing services, and more. Users can even borrow using their current cryptocurrency as collateral.

Filecoin Foundation

Filecoin is a public and open source cryptocurrency platform that allows its users to store their digital currency on rented hard drive space. The Filecoin Foundation governs and manages the Filecoin ecosystem.

One of

OneOf is an NFT platform specially designed for music lovers. Artists can sell collectibles, songs, and other NFT items on the platform. Fans can bid on digital collectibles from their favorite artists, giving them access to unique materials.

Peer Street

PeerStreet defines itself as a “two-sided market” that allows individuals to invest in real estate debt.

The market is designed for borrowers, lenders and investors to rejuvenate aging properties. The company obtains home improvement loans through a crowdfunding business model. To invest, individuals must be accredited in accordance with SEC guidelines.

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