The Sims 4: 10 fastest ways to get rich in the game

success in The Sims 4 relies on simoleons in the backgrounds of a sim. Every Sim needs funds to live in a shelter, support themselves, and live to see another day of play. With new sims With DLC content being released by EA this summer, there are an increasing number of ways to make ends meet in the game.

Some ways to earn money The Sims 4 are faster and easier than others. Many methods can be performed at home and can generate more simoleons than an entire day’s work at a sim’s job. These are often hidden in hobbies or recreational activities where many gamers may not think to look.


The wishing well

An image of the Whispering Wishing Well in The Sims 4

The wishing well is an item that comes with the Romantic Garden item pack, and if a sim plays their cards right, the building item can net big cash wins. If the sim encounters a well, he can choose the “wish for simoleons” option and can receive up to hundreds of thousands in return. Players can also ask the well to help sims cheat death by granting eternal life, or wish for love and potentially gain a mate.

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Be warned, however, that the well has a bit of a temper. The well, if in a bad mood, can take all of a sim’s funds, or even decide to kill the sim. Players can increase their chances of success by bribing the well with simoleons, so getting rich this way requires spending money to make money.

Submit knowledge

A male Sim using a computer in The Sims 4.

The search machine is a hidden machine sims secret that most gamers won’t discover due to its niche usage. This item is only available through the University expansion pack and can be found in university libraries. If a sim has a high research and debate skill, they can submit knowledge of the skill or certain other skills (e.g. cooking) to the machine in exchange for hundreds of simoleons.

Although profitable, this method requires players to have a lot of pre-existing skills in order to make money. It takes time to accumulate. Also, Simmers can only use the machine for a short time. Using the machine while stunned from being used will result in the instant death of the sim.

dust bunnies

A dust bunny in The Sims 4.

If the players have the bust the dust kit, they can turn dust into money. When a house gets dusty enough, it develops dust bunnies. Rather than sucking them in, having a good relationship with Rabbits can allow people to ask Rabbits to search for valuables, which can then be sold for Simoleons.

Simmers have discovered that these bunnies are harvesting thousands of valuable items, although in recent patch updates this amount has dropped somewhat. Also, having a house dusty enough to have a lot of dust bunnies will make the player’s house dirty and make the simulation deeply uncomfortable and give him many negative moods. This method of becoming rich consists of exchanging comfort for money.

Dumpster dive

Two Sims stand in an alley with trash and talk in The Sims 4 Green Living

If anyone is looking for a greener way to make some money, try the dumpsters that come with it. The Sims 4: Green Living expansion pack. Players can click on any local dumpster and choose the option to dive into dumpsters. Lots of better Sims YouTubers have made trash-diving challenge videos, and for good reason – the lottery of what a sim might find makes for an entertaining watch. Players can find various materials and goods in dumpsters, even furniture potentially worth thousands of simoleons.

Since this is a gamble, a Sim may not get rich easily through this method. Many pieces of furniture found in trash cans are burned and cannot be sold for simoleons. It’s a trial and error method of making money, and it’s not a direct path to making money in the game.


sims 4 uni study hard

Who said spending the day in front of the computer was a waste of time? When a sim passes programming skill level 2, they can use their computer skills to hack into servers, even local sims like Don Lothario. Players can earn hundreds of simoleons per hack, and even more as programming skills develop.

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The problem with this method is that it takes time to develop the skill. Additionally, there is a 24 hour cool down period between some server hacks. Although it may offer a lot of simoleons, there is a lot of waiting in between and it may be more of a lucrative hobby than a way to earn a living.

Asking other Sims for money

How to get and install the Slice of Life mod for The Sims 4 Party

Why spend a lot of time working to earn Simoleons when someone else can? When a Sim has a high Charisma skill, they unlock the option when interacting with other Sims to “Ask for a Small/Large Loan”. Players can earn a few hundred or even thousands of simoleons from this interaction alone.

The good news is that a Sim doesn’t have to repay their loans unless they want to – other Sims don’t ask for repayment. The problem is that players need a high level of Charisma to unlock this interaction, and it takes a long time to earn, both through practice and interactions with other sims.

Become a black widow

Sims 4 wedding.

Who said winning Simoleons had to be ethical? If players want to engage in a darker style of play, they can ask their sim to marry wealthy sims, take their funds, and when it’s time to move on, “accidentally” help the sim spouse. to meet the Grim Reaper.

It’s a great way to make money fast. The Sims without cheat codes, because anyone can earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of simoleons with relatively little effort. However, a lot of effort must be put into flirting with other sims and convincing them to get married. This more morbid style of play also only appeals to some players rather than all sims players.

To play an instrument

A character with a guitar in The Sims

Many musical instruments are available in The Sims 4, including piano, guitar and violin. Once a sim trains enough and develops their skills, they can play in the game’s public areas and get generous simoleon tips from other passing sims.

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Even better, sims with a high skill level can write songs with their instrument and submit them through the mailbox to earn royalties. This method can earn enough generous tips to make more money than a day’s work, but it takes a lot of time to develop the sim’s skills to a high level. Sims also depend on playing in the right place at the right time, with plenty of Sims willing to tip.


A male sim painting in The Sims 4.

Sometimes the old classic ways are the best. The paint easel available in the base game has long been a popular method of getting rich, as painting skills develop rapidly. Simoleons can soon rack up thousands of simoleons per paint as their skills develop, earning even more if they paint a valuable “masterpiece” level paint.

The main downside to this method is that starting a painting costs around 50-100 simoleons, which isn’t great if players are already low on funds. Sometimes an unskilled painting pays off, but practice makes perfect and wealth will come quickly.

Go in search of food

The Hermit's House or the Deep Woods of Granite Falls in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

When looking to get rich, the answer may have been in front of gamblers this whole time. More sims residential worlds have items outside that everyone can search for. By doing so, players can pick up these items and add them to inventory, which can then be sold for simoleons – the amount depending on the rarity of the item.

These items include, but are not limited to, frogs, fish caught in local lakes, and wild plants. Some packs, like the country life expansion pack, offers additional items, as well as valuable collectibles for a sim, such as mushrooms. It’s easy for any sim to accumulate thousands of simoleons in a good outdoor space, and it can be completed in very little time compared to most hobbies or careers in the game.

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