The 7 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2021


Community tax

CommunityTax does not have the lowest minimum debt requirement in the tax breaks industry, but we have always felt it deserves the title of Best for Small Tax Debt because of its abundant resources and services to people. the least indebted. People with a tax debt of less than $ 10,000 can even find all the help they need for free through CommunityTax’s generous free online resource library and mobile app.

  • Minimum tax debt of $ 5,000

  • Offers 14 day money back guarantee

  • IRS-approved continuing education provider

  • Community tax insurance program with mobile app

The inconvenients
  • Pricing less simple than competitors

  • Certain consumer complaints regarding state tax matters

  • Chat support lacks features

Generally speaking, tax debts less than $ 10,000 are not worth paying a tax break company to settle; you can usually sort them out yourself without too much trouble. However, some people may still wish to seek professional assistance if they are struggling to settle a small tax debt. CommunityTax will accept cases with a tax debt as low as $ 7,500, among the lowest of any competitor. In addition to this, the company offers many resources and services which are especially valuable for those with a small tax debt.

The CommunityTax website is a wealth of free resources that include guides and links to relevant IRS resources. This is a great place to start to see if your small tax debt requires professional help. You may even find that the free information available on the CommunityTax website is enough to guide you through the process.

In fact, CommunityTax is an IRS approved continuing education provider, which means the company is licensed to provide continuing education programs for tax professionals. For this reason, we have confidence not only in the information available on the company’s website, but also in the knowledge of CommunityTax case managers.

In addition to the free resources, CommunityTax offers a $ 39 per month program called the Community Tax Assurance Program (TAP). The program includes access to a mobile app that performs tax account monitoring, access to your IRS transcripts, and quarterly tax reports. TAP is designed as a preventative solution to prevent taxpayers from falling behind on payments in the first place through better education and preparation. If you are struggling with a small tax debt, this program may help you continue to avoid debt once you have settled your current financial situation.

While we were impressed with CommunityTax’s 14-day customer service guarantee, we found that the company’s pricing structure was less transparent than that of some competitors. We have been informed that depending on the scenario, some customers pay a fixed fee up front while others may incur an ongoing fee.

We have also noticed a trend in some customer reviews regarding issues with CommunityTax’s handling of state tax debt. However, it should be noted that these complaints have been satisfactorily resolved by the company in the vast majority of cases.

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