The 10 best teachers in the history of television

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Miss Eva Beadle, Little house in the meadow

Played by: Charlotte Stewart, 80

Why we love it: A staple in Walnut Grove for the show’s first four seasons, Miss Beadle cared deeply for her pioneering students, often doing all she could to help them when times got tough. When the Ingalls family face financial problems, for example, they buy Laura (Melissa Gilbert, 57) tablet paper so they don’t fall behind in their work. “Now we’re friends, aren’t we?” She asks Laura. “Well, when you have a problem you should be able to tell a friend, right?” Ahead of her time, Miss Beadle welcomes students from all walks of life – including Solomon Henry (Todd Bridges, 56), the son of former slaves, and a half-Sioux Spotted Eagle (Caesar Ramirez) – to her classroom at open arms.

Lessons taught: How to be good people in a cutthroat environment; how to talk about current controversial events, like the recently ended civil war, even if the class debate is heating up a bit.

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