Rising Gas Prices Affect Local Bands and Artists :: WRAL.com

Wherever you go, gas costs around $4.20 a gallon. The price increase is impacting everyone, including our local bands and artists who were just beginning to recover from the pandemic.

The Lincoln Theater is home to hundreds of bands excited to return to the stage after two long years, but high gas prices make it difficult for audiences who don’t live nearby.

Donovan Harrison is the lead singer of Duck. He said they make money from sales, if no one shows up they don’t get paid.

Which is also a loss for the sites.

“It’s unfortunate because with gas prices tightening, people will have to get to a point where ‘do I want to spend this money on gas or do I want to save this money, the put it somewhere I know I can use it properly?” Harrison said.

John Haburay works at the door of the Lincoln Theatre. He interacts with dozens of bands and said high gas prices could be another setback for the music industry.

“We do well when we sell liquor and beer, that’s the advantage for us,” Haburay said. “”They’re musicians, they’ll do what they have to do but they don’t make a lot of money to start with.”

Duck will start traveling for concerts in a few weeks. Sometimes they use carpooling to transport all their gear.

Lately he said that the prices are not affordable.

“As you can see, these are things we love, this is what we do. It’s our bread and butter,” Donovan said. “It’s very important to support a local artist, we take a lot of time to prepare and launch the shows.”

It’s really a difficult situation for musicians. For many of them, these shows are their only source of income.

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