Over 20 educational organizations in Philly to support with money or volunteer work


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We encourage you to support local organizations focused on educating Philly students, educators and families, starting with some of these amazing groups below.

Reach out and read
Reach Out and Read is a national non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of reading to young children on a daily basis and participating in other language-rich activities. They reach 4.5 million children across the country through routine check-ups and a network of pediatric professionals to give families the knowledge and tools they need to make reading a daily habit. Donate here.

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The goal of BioEYES is to instill a love of science in children by enabling them to study life sciences through real world applications and a hands-on approach to learning. By providing instructors with the knowledge, materials, and support they need to run and build their own programs, they wish to increase informal science education experiences beyond classroom experiences. Donate here.

Children’s Literacy Initiative
Children’s Literacy Initiative is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that works with K-5 teachers to improve early literacy so children become good readers, writers, and thinkers. Their mission is to bridge the literacy performance gap between disadvantaged and privileged students. Donate here.

Congreso de Latinos Unidos
Congreso works to transform the lives of individuals and families in predominantly Latin neighborhoods of Philadelphia by moving them up the economic ladder and ultimately lifting them out of poverty. It focuses on education and employment, simultaneously providing the health, housing and parenting support services needed to ensure positive outcomes. Donate here.

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EducationWorks re-engages disengaged young adults in education and career preparation in the greater Philadelphia area. They provide more than 12,000 children with the tools they need to be successful in school and in life by focusing on topics such as reading, science, technology, engineering, art and education. mathematics, and socio-emotional learning. Donate here.

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Interactive Constitution: Classroom Editing (National Constitution Center)
Since its launch in 2015, this non-partisan tool has enabled learners of all ages to engage with the text of the Constitution, discover how experts agree and disagree on its history and meaning, and explore arguments from all sides of the constitutional debates at the center of American life. Donate here.

Small filmmakers
Lil Filmmakers Inc. aims to prepare disadvantaged young artists for careers in the arts and media sector by teaching them how to use media and the arts to overcome societal and personal limitations. Donate here.

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Powerful writers
Think clearly and write clearly has served as a pitch and mission statement for Mighty Writer since its launch in 2009. Not everyone thinks clearly, let alone speak clearly. But for those who have mastered both – clarity of thought and expression – a life of power is at hand. Donate here.

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Musicopia is a non-profit organization dedicated to reviving school music programs in the Greater Philadelphia area, ensuring that all children in underserved schools have access to music education. Donate here.

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Philabundance backpack program
BackPack, a program of Philabundance, provides additional free, healthy and easy-to-prepare meals for families with children at select member agency sites. Philabundance is teaming up with Kids Against Hunger Philadelphia to include four shelf-stable meal packs in each backpack this year. Each meal pack provides six prepared servings, for a total of 24 servings. Donate here. | List of BackPack distribution sites

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Children’s Foundation of Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Children’s Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that assists public schools in Philadelphia by providing Internet-enabled computers in classrooms and public spaces. They also help buy books for school libraries, provide computers to low-income families who do not have them, and teach 3D printing and tutorial workshops. ‘computer science. Donate here.

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Philadelphia School Partnership
The goal of the Philadelphia School Partnership is to improve the outcomes of low-income students and meet the demand of families by increasing access to great schools. They use their investments in three main ways: investing in large schools, training qualified urban educators and empowering families. Donate here.

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Philadelphia Youth Network
The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) provides education and employment opportunities for youth and young adults. They develop systemic solutions to fill gaps in youth-serving institutions, train youth-serving organizations to deliver programs that promote academic and career readiness, and engage employers and system leaders to ensure that young people today are ready to enter the workforce. Donate here.

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Philadelphia Youth Vote
Philly Youth Vote is a non-partisan group of educators and community activists working to ensure that every 18-year-old in Philadelphia votes on Election Day. Donate here.

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Public citizens for children and young people
Public Citizens for Children and Youth strives to improve the lives of children in our region by developing initiatives and advocating for quality health care, child care, public education and family stability. In Philadelphia, PCCY led efforts to support early childhood education, including a campaign for universal kindergarten. Donate here.

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Recycled reading
Reading Recycled aims to improve children’s access to reading through three main programs: Sidewalk Libraries, which staff and community members keep in stock with books for children to borrow; the Book Bank, from which educators receive up to 375 books per year for an annual membership fee of $ 25; and Community Corner, which helps local community organizations add literacy components to their existing programs. Donate here.

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Spellwriting Lab
Spells Writing Lab believes that literacy is the cornerstone of future success, and that personalized attention and unconventional learning opportunities can inspire students to greater triumphs, both in the classroom and in life. . Donate here.

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The Philadelphia School District Fund
The Philadelphia School District Fund is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that acts as a fiscal intermediary between the private sector and the Philadelphia public school system. They discover, organize and connect philanthropic resources to stimulate investment in local public schools through effective public-private partnerships. Donate here.

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The Philadelphia Education Fund
By providing resources and skills that pave the way for academic and professional success, the Philadelphia Education Fund ensures that all students have equal access to opportunities. All young people in Philadelphia should have the skills and opportunities to excel in college and in their careers, depending on their vision. Donate here.

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Urban Affairs Coalition
The Urban Affairs Coalition is home to more than 80 member nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area, which UAC supports through fiscal sponsorship, shared services, program development and capacity building. Donate here.

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