New World: How To Make Money Early | Quick Cashout Guide



There are endless opportunities on the huge island of New world, but the real way to make money is to sale. Choose one of the Gathering of classes is a great start to building your gold empire, and serving the deluge of early players can turn your early explorer into a very wealthy conquistador. If you are wondering what are the best (and easiest) opportunities to make money in New world, we will try to explain in as few words as humanly possible.

New world is the massive MMO-style survival / action game developed by Amazon, and it’s already a huge hit on Steam. It’s no surprise when you have the promise of an epic story, factions to join, and PVP sieges in massive 50v50 battles to fight. It’s an incredibly complex game that promises to hook gamers for years to come. You can make your own alliances, build settlements, buy houses, and craft just about anything – the game is so huge that we struggle to explain even the small details … like making a lot of money. Here are a few things to keep in mind for beginner gold diggers.

Tips to Make More Money | 3 starting methods

In New world, you need gold for everything. You need gold for food, crafts, housing maintenance, and equipment repairs. Earning gold through random activities like killing monsters is relatively low – you don’t get much by hunting creatures. Really, there are only a handful of great ways to make some extra money as a newbie player.

  • How to earn the most money New world:
    • Complete Main quests. Obviously it seems obvious, but you do earn huge rewards for completing story quests – most of your gold earnings will come from completing the story.

You can hold a maximum of 500k gold, so there are ways to earn extra income while playing. There is one main method. You’ll want to start carrying as much raw material as possible and be prepared for long-distance trips.

  • How to easily earn extra money:
    • To sell Gross resources. In any settlement you can find auction houses called Trading posts. Use the trading post and select “All regulations” -> Raw resources.
    • This will show you which trading posts buy low and sell high. It takes a bit of travel – you will have to physically go to the other trading posts, buy the resources cheaply from one of them, and then transport them to another trading post to sell the resources at a profit.

Just travel to regions that sell at a low price and take those cheap raw resources to regions where they buy at a higher price. You will unlock more bags as you level up (2nd bag location To Level 30 & 3rd bag location To Level 45) so that you can carry more items.

  • How to make money for early adopters:
    • The bags are going to be very precious. Learn how to craft bags early and sell them to players as they reach Lvl 30/45 for easy money.

Other than that, you will want increase your luck by unlocking trophies in your house, crafting food with + Luck modifiers and increasing your luck as much as possible to get higher level resources by collecting nodes. Always aim for the larger gathering nodes to get more raw resources. The bigger the node, the more resources come out!


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