Meet Syracuse’s lemonade moguls enjoying the last breath of summer (video)


A group of young lemonade moguls took advantage of the influx of students returning to the Syracuse University neighborhood this week.

Setting up their booth at the corner of Euclid and Sumner Avenues, the young crew peddled cold cups of lemonade to visiting Syracuse University students during the first week of classes in the fall semester 2021.

Henry (13), Sam (12), Isaac (12), George (11), Silas (12), Jane (8) and Edith (6) sold over 50 cups of lemonade in the college district on Tuesday afternoon .

“It’s just a fun way to make money and meet people,” said Isaac Jackson, 12.

This group of young entrepreneurs sold more than 50 cups of lemonade to passers-by in the Syracuse University neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon. Katrina Tulloch | [email protected]

The group of siblings, cousins ​​and friends won around $ 175 in three hours. Small mugs cost 50 cents and large mugs cost two dollars, but much of the income came from generous dumpsters, they said.

They plan to buy football equipment with their winnings.

Sarah Jackson, mother and aunt of several lemonade entrepreneurs, said the kids are also saving for a new set of tie-down balls.

“It’s a great lemonade and a hot day,” Jackson said. “The students are back and walking with heavy backpacks. I think it’s a touch at home to have kids to welcome you and be kind. It’s encouraging. A corner of the sun. “

Dozens of students walking to and from the League campus stopped to buy a cup. The children also offered free lemonade to the police and firefighters.

Some passers-by did not have cash, but were surprised when the children declared another payment option.

“We have Venmo! Henry, 13, offered.

The kids don’t have a personal Venmo account, but one of their older brothers does.

“It’s been a great way for the kids to make money, to use Venmo,” Jackson said. “So the money goes to their big brother and he pays them back.”

When some SU students asked to take pictures with the stand, Isaac suggested photographing from certain angles so that their “COLD LEMONADE” sign would not be misinterpreted as “OLD LEMONADE”.

“It would be bad for business.”

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Syracuse University students stop to buy cups of lemonade from a group of young entrepreneurs

Syracuse University students stop to buy cups of lemonade from a group of young entrepreneurs. Tuesday August 31. Katrina Tulloch | [email protected]

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