Make Money On The Blog

One question that many ask me and myself is whether I make any money on my blog. Here, of course, I want to be completely transparent and honest to you who follow my blog.

Make money from blogging


There are several ways to make money on their blog. If you have a lot of traffic on your site, you can use Google ads that replace you as a blogger per impression or ad click. Often you cannot control what is shown in the ad yourself, but it is controlled by the visitor’s profile, cookies etc.

Another way is to write sponsored posts from an actor who would pay me to write a post about their products and services.

A third way and the way I started small is called affiliate. By having affiliate partnerships, I can link to certain pages / companies and if the person who clicked on my link buys something from the page in question, I receive a small compensation as thanks for generating sales for the company.

My setup

I have chosen to start affiliate partnerships with companies that I use and like myself. It is a condition for me that I only recommend companies and services where I want to create a win-win situation. My hope is that my tips will help you save money or get other tips / help at the same time as I receive a small compensation for giving you the tip.

It should never give you any additional expense as a reader. That way I can continue to run the blog and cover some expenses I have linked to the blog. If you do not want to support me and the blog, you can of course enter the addresses yourself without clicking on my links.

Make so much money that it can pay my costs for the blog

My first goal is to get together / make so much money that it can pay my costs for the blog. It is first the cost of domain Roy Hobbs then I also have to pay a monthly fee to my web host which stores all information from my site. In total it will be just over USD 1,000 per year, it will also be my first milestone!

The next step might be that the income from the blog can pay for new books that I can read and review for your readers. The final step, which is a dream, is that the blog can generate passive income which makes me more free and can focus even more on writing good and content rich posts here on the blog.

One important point I would like to mention is that I would NEVER recommend something that I myself do not think is good. I would never link to a product / service that I do not support or have used myself. My tips should be credible and you as a reader should be able to trust that my recommendations give you value.