How to Make Money Aging Items in Kegs in Stardew Valley


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From growing crops to raising animals, there are many ways to make money in Stardew Valley. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the drums. These simple wooden barrels will allow you to turn a mid-priced item into an expensive handcrafted good.

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You can put multiple items in drums, and it can be difficult to decide which one you want. Fortunately, we will see how to get and make casks, as well as the prices of artisanal products that are processed in casks.

Improvement of the cellar for the house

gamer talking to Robin in his shop

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The ability to use Kegs will first be unlocked when you upgrade your home to include a cellar. This is the third upgrade your home will receive and it will take some time to get.

To improve your house, talk to Robin. Unlike other upgrades, it won’t cost any material. Instead of, you just need to pay 100,000 g. It will take Robin three days to build the cellar, but you can start using it immediately after she finishes.

Initially, the cellar will contain 33 barrels. You can rearrange them as you like and even add more drums. Alternatively, you can convert the area into a storage room if you aren’t interested in using that many kegs.

Barrel manufacturing

player standing in children's room with drums placed

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In addition to having the 33 barrels in your wine cellar, you can make more. These artisanal barrels can be placed in your cellar, but will not work well elsewhere. For example, in the image above you can see some kegs placed in the children’s room. However, in this area the drums will not work.

To craft a barrel you will need the following materials.

As you can see, it is very easy to make a keg. You will unlock this recipe when you get the cellar upgrade for your house. This means that before the upgrade, you cannot age any items.

What can you put in drums?

barrel filling cellar with finished products

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Kegs can hold a variety of items and in return will give you high-priced handicrafts. Let’s take a look at all the items you can put in kegs.

Items to be placed in drums Recipe
Wine Any fruit
White beer Hop
Beer Wheat
Mead Honey
Cheese Milk (normal or fat)
Goat cheese Goat’s milk (normal or coarse)

Wine, lager, ale, and mead can all be made in a keg. This is a craftable item used to brew different drinks. To craft a keg you will need the following materials.

  • 30x Wood

  • 1x copper bar

  • 1x iron bar

  • 1x oak resin

How long does aging take?

player standing near barrels still processing objects

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Overall, aging takes a long time. When you place an item in a keg, a star icon will appear with the grade. For example, if you put gold grade cheese in a cask, a golden star will appear.

As the item ages, the quality will increase. This will display on the front. Drums that are currently processing an item will also move a bit; similar to the action of the cheese press and mayonnaise machine.

For the most profit, you should wait until the star is purple for the quality of iridium. When this happens, the item will be “finished” and ready to be picked up.

If you want to get an item out of a keg sooner, just destroy it. Both the barrel and the item will appear in your inventory. If the quality of the item increases, it will appear in your inventory with a higher quality.

Below, let’s see how long it will take for all the items to reach iridium quality. These times are based on the lowest quality of each product.

Craftsman Good Days to reach Iridium quality
Wine 56 days
White beer 34 days
Beer 28 days
Mead 28 days
Cheese 14 days
Goat cheese 14 days

Price for older items

ancient fruit wine and carambola wine selling for a lot of money

A barrel can dramatically increase the price of an item. The majority of the goods that you place in barrels will sell for a flat rate, however, the wine depends on the original fruit used in the barrel. Let’s take a look at the prices of other handicrafts first.

Craftsman Good Base price Iridium quality award
White beer 300 grams 600g
Beer 200g 400g
Mead 200g 400g
Cheese 230g 260g
Goat cheese 400g 800g

As you can see, the aging of these products doubles their price.

Wine works a little differently though. The base price of wine is three times the amount of fruit added. For example, since grapes weigh 80 g, the base price of grape wine will be 240 g. The price of quality iridium wine will be double what, similar to the products above.

Grape wine with a base price of 240 g will sell for 480 g in iridium quality. Overall, it’s not very profitable. Inexpensive items like this aren’t the best for turning into wine. Basically you will have to wait two full seasons to make 480g.

With all the possible fruits, which one to choose to make wine with? The most cost effective options are carambola wine sold at 4,500 g and old fruit wine sold at 3,300 g. Be sure to check out our guide to the best fruits to use for wine as well. Try to make wine from top selling products to maximize your profits.

That’s all you need to know about using drums! Items such as beer and lager are not the most profitable given the time it takes to prepare them. Overall, you will get the best results with cheese and wine.

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