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The City of Green Lake’s 2022 budget includes a short-term borrowing program to support sports field lighting upgrades.

Despite a debate between two aldermen, Green Lake City Council on Monday voted 4-1 to approve a resolution allowing the city to borrow funds to replace the lighting at the city’s baseball field.

The American Legion of Green Lake contacted the city months ago to inquire about improving the lighting of the sports field so that the city can host the 2023 Legion State Baseball Tournament.

Sports field lighting-2.tif

These lights on the Green Lake athletic field could be upgraded in 2022.

Monday’s vote allows the city to borrow $ 130,000 for sports field lighting and $ 158,000 for a fire truck.

Earlier this year, Common Council approved sharing the cost of replacing a 1994 fire truck with the city of Brooklyn.

City clerk Barb Dugenske said the city had received two quotes from local banks. This was accompanied by the Horicon Bank offer, which offered an interest rate of 2.06%. The other bank offered 2.9%.

Ald. Jon McConnell said the American Legion will pay for the installation of the new lights and the removal of the old lights, which will cost around $ 38,000. He added that a Fond du Lac company will replace the lights at Green Lake.

“This is a partnership between the city and the Legion to improve the lights and for the Legion baseball team to potentially host the State Legion baseball tournament in 2023,” a- he declared. “They think their chances are very, very good with the updated lighting.”

However, Ald. Danielle Reysen noted that the baseball field is the only lighted playing field in Green Lake, which means softball is unable to play or train at night.

“When you play softball you can’t play at night,” she said, noting that the softball field lighting would make nighttime games possible.

Reysen argued for adding lighting to the softball field because the city will already have contractors in town to replace the lights on the baseball field.

“If we’re going to invest that kind of money in our city, don’t you think we should invest it in both areas? ” she asked. “We have children playing on both fields. “

Ahead of the vote on the resolution, Mayor Ray Radis said common council may choose to table the matter and hold a special meeting later in the month after studying the feasibility of lighting the softball field.

The Common Council chose to vote on the issue, approving the borrowing plan by a 4: 1 vote, with Reysen voting the only “no”.

After the vote, Radis said the city may consider other options to light up the softball field.

“Danielle, we will be looking at other alternatives,” the mayor said. “We don’t have to give up.”

In other news

In other news from the Green Lake Common Council and Committee of the Whole meetings:

  • The municipal council met behind closed doors with a developer interested in potentially developing part of the highway 23 industrial park.

  • The joint council approved aldermen districts based on the results of the 2020 census. Dugenske explained that the population of Green Lake has remained so constant that the district boundaries have not changed.

  • It also approved the appointment of election officials / election officers. Most election officials had no partisan affiliation, according to a document provided to the Town Council. The four who had partisan affiliations were evenly split between two Democrats and two Republicans.

  • In addition, the Common Council approved the appointment by the mayor of Darin Green to the Planning Commission. Green replaces Robert Reichold. Reichold resigned due to a new job, according to his resignation letter. “The reason is that I will not be available to attend the committee meeting due to the current project locations,” Reichold wrote.

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