Everything you need to know about smuggling in No Man’s Sky

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Smuggling is a new feature in the No Man’s Sky Outlaw Update. This adds another way to earn extra cash for your intrepid space explorer. If you want to channel your inner Han Solo and learn how to navigate the murky underworld economy, you’ve come to the right place.

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Making money from contraband is not just a matter of buying low and reselling high. You need to have the right contacts to buy from, and you also need to know how to find them. We’re going to tell you the wick and tell you everything you need to know to make a profit on the black market.

Find abandoned outlaw stations

The first step in your journey to a lucrative smuggling career is to find black market agents. These agents cannot be found on any old standard space station. You can only find them in abandoned outlaw stationsor maybe we should say “abandoned stations under new outlaw management”.


To locate these systems on the galaxy map, you will need either a Conflict Analyzer or one Economy Analyzer. You don’t need these two scanner upgrades. You can get by just fine with just one installed on your ship.

If you don’t have the Conflict Scanner or the Economy Scanner, you can get them from Hyperion Iteration to Spatial Anomaly.

Scanning systems for pirate hideouts

Once you have your scanners, or if you already have them, it’s time to start finding your fellow scoundrels. On the galaxy map, you are looking for two clues that give you the location of a potential outlaw station.

  • The first clue is in Economy Department displaying system information. If you look at the image above, you will see that economics is mathematical, but under this heading it gives you information about buying and selling. At the very end it says Black Market. Bingo! You have found yourself an outlaw station.
  • The second clue is in Conflict Section. On your galaxy map, there should be a skull symbol with the words “Pirate Controlled” next to the emblem. This information also means that there is an outlaw station in this system.

How to make money from smuggling

Head to any nearby outlaw station. There should be a merchant called the Black Market Agent nearby. He will have various items for sale, ranging from prohibited weapons to various illegal substances and other products classified as illegal black market products Where contraband.

The selling price of black market items varies, but making money from these items is simple – head over to normal or regulated networks nearby to unload your goods. The demand and profit you get for each item varies from system to system, but you are pretty much guaranteed to make money on all items.

If you want to get the most money from each haul, you’ll want to sell to regulated stations where demand is highest. It’s not always practical, as it may be faster to just sell to the nearest non-outlaw space station and pick up your next transport.

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Smuggler’s Silver Formula

To sum up, the formula for making money for a setter is as follows:

  • Find nearby outlaw stations on the galaxy map using either a Cost-effective scanner Where Conflict Analyzer.
  • Teleport to the outlaw station and find the Black Market Agent.
  • Buy as much contraband/illegal black market goods as possible.
  • Sell ​​them to regulated local space stations for some soft units.
  • To maximize profits, sell each black market goods at stations where demand is highest (although this is not a requirement).
  • Rinse and repeat until very rich.

How to avoid sentries

As you can imagine, being a smuggler is not without risk. When traveling in systems controlled by the authorities, you risk being scanned by sentries. Sentries that detect your contraband will issue an ultimatumyou can hand over your illegal goodsor the authorities open fire on your ship.

You can also use a exemption from post to erase the memory of the sentinels, but these are almost prohibitive.

Obtain Cargo Scan Deflector

You can also use a module called Cargo sweep deflector, which allows you to protect your contraband goods from prying sentry sensors. Unfortunately, this module does not necessarily work one hundred percent of the time. The Cargo Analysis Module can be obtained from Iteration Hyperion and requires the following materials:

  • 240 nanites (for the map)
  • 2 Counterfeit Tours
  • 2 solar mirrors
  • 220 Platinum

Solar mirrors are handmade components. Counterfeit circuits can be purchased from black market agents where are offered as rewards by Bounty Masters on Outlaw stations. Tours are not offered at all stations, so you may have to search a bit to find them.

Cataloging outlaw stations

It can be very useful for any potential smuggler to build up a network of contacts and traders. A station terminus in an outlaw station cannot be used to teleport to stations in normal space. However, you can move back and forth between outlaw stations you have already explored.

Visiting all the Black Market Agents on these stations is a great way to quickly build up a large stock of black market products.

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