Delhi pvt schools burn hole in parents pocket amid Covid

NEW DELHI: Billing exorbitant fees by private schools has become a major contentious issue for thousands of parents across the nation’s capital during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Hundreds of parents, who have been financially affected because of Covid-19, have interrupted their children’s education in private schools after private schools took strict action against those who could not file their fees.

All India Parents Association national president Ashok Agarwal told IANS that all such parents should consider transferring their children from private schools without assistance to public schools in Delhi so that they do not have to pay high fees.


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At such a time, the government should not refuse admission to such a student on the basis of a particular reason. Quality education must also be ensured through the appropriate recruitment of teachers.

Poonam Kochitty, principal of the Seth Anandram Jaipuria school, says her school is following required government instructions. However, parents who have financial problems benefit from a reduction in fees. Parents can now pay the fees in monthly mode. On special request, parents facing financial problems can also make a late payment of tuition fees.

On paying tuition fees during the Covid-19 pandemic, Heritage Xperiential Learning School says: “Although most of the parents of children studying at our school have paid the tuition, Covid-19 has posed challenges. to many parents. lower fees for parents facing financial difficulties. ”

At the same time, the Delhi government has decided that students studying in private schools in Delhi, who now wish to leave private schools and enroll in public schools, will no longer need to pass transfer certificates. . These students will be admitted to Delhi public schools without presenting a transfer certificate. The heads of the education department will take the transfer certificates of these students from the private schools of their level.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who is also Minister of Education, said that due to Covid-19, several people have lost their jobs. In such a situation, many parents cannot afford the exorbitant fees charged by private schools and enroll their children in public schools. However, many private schools require arrears based on tuition fees increased over the past year.

In the event of non-payment of this amount, the transfer certificate is not issued by private schools to children. Therefore, the Delhi government has provided this assistance to students in the event of TC, he said.

The daughter of Kiran Pathak, a parent from Delhi, studies in class 7. According to her, the new school decrees that have come out in recent days have increased the parents’ troubles. Many private schools now not only charge increased tuition fees, but also demand increased tuition fees in the past year.

According to Kiran, if the situation persists, she will have no choice but to send her daughter to a public school by getting her out of private school.

Manish Sisodia said the Delhi government strongly defends students and parents in court against rising fees for private schools. The AAP government is asking parents that if they wish, they can enroll their children in Delhi public schools.

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