Colorado’s Good Buy Gear Expands To Help Parents Save On Baby Items


ARVADA, Colorado – Babies need a lot of things, and they can add up quickly. But now there is an easy way for parents to make money when it’s time to ditch it, or save money by buying more. You’re in great company this week with Good Buy Gear.

“We are an online marketplace for second-hand and open-ended clothing for babies and children,” says Kristin Langenfeld, Founder and CEO of Good Buy Gear.

“We actually do two things. First, we help families buy and sell their used toys, gear and equipment.

The company also has a partnership with big box retailers to accept returns and floor models for resale at a discount.

“We clean it, we control it for quality,” says Langenfeld. “We photograph it and post it on our website. And then families across the country can shop online.”

For parents looking to buy, it’s a straightforward process.

“You can navigate the website,” says Langenfeld. “You can filter by what you’re looking for, or by age, or by stage, by brand. And then you can click, click, click, and it’s delivered to your door. Which doesn’t happen if you go to Facebook Marketplace. “

And if selling one item at a time isn’t enough, parents can redeem in batches, either by dropping off at their Arvada warehouse or calling for pickup at your doorstep.

“I think this is how we have to solve [the problem]Langenfeld says. “Because that’s what families really need. They don’t have one thing, they have a lot of things. And they don’t have time to try to list it themselves. “

Their inventory includes tens of thousands of items ranging from open boxes to delicately used conditions.

Items like baskets, play mats and toys for ages 0 to 5.

“We sell a ton of strollers,” says Langenfeld. “It’s kind of our bread and butter. If you come to our site and see all the types of strollers you could possibly need or want.”

They even do unbiased product reviews on social media so new parents know exactly what they’re getting. Often times, it’s access to things that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

“Every child should have access to the best toys and equipment or whatever,” Langenfeld says. “So that they can develop, and also so that parents can sleep.”

Good Buy Gear currently has locations in the metropolitan areas of Denver, Houston, Dallas, and Philadelphia, with plans to expand to New York and Washington DC soon.

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