Clayton Kershaw’s take from Deadspin is extremely embarrassing


It’s possible to be of the opinion that the Los Angeles Dodgers should quit longtime ace Clayton Kershaw this offseason, allowing him to sign a misguided deal with his hometown of the Texas Rangers or something like that.

This is an opinion you can have, and as long as you express it well, you will not find any problem with me.

Maybe you’re worried that too much money is going towards a Kershaw welfare deal rather than Max Scherzer, or a number of other needs that this deeply flawed Dodgers side still have. It would be good. I’m less worried that the highly intelligent Dodgers will be distracted by the need to pay homage to one of their greatest, but that opinion is at least worth worrying a little about. Too much money filtered into a regressing Kershaw, rather than line-balancing bats or true types of aces, would be problematic.

But if your argument is simply, “The Dodgers shouldn’t sign Kershaw because … come on now!” What are we doing, man! He sold! ”So I prefer to sand my knuckles.

Thankfully, Zombie Deadspin stepped in just in time, dotting this completely empty take from Peak Spooky Season.

Maybe it won’t influence you in the “Kershaw Sign!” Column, but it will certainly help you understand who you’re hanging out with as you say the team should move on.

Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw should probably re-sign, in fact.

Moving on after something that was great gets worse? Dude, it’s surprising that this is Deadspin’s take on Kershaw given that they can’t do it on their own.

Serious Question: Does Deadspin have a concept of ‘legacy’ and how meaningful can that be? Of course not, they were gutted by a private equity firm and sold for coins, but still.

Another serious question: Does Deadspin realize the Dodgers are the The dodgers, and that no amount of money spent should ever stop them from spending more money? For god’s sake, these aren’t the Red Sox we’re talking about here. LA typically goes over the luxury tax relentlessly, and certainly wouldn’t let, say, a three-year inheritance deal with Kershaw muddle that up.

But, you know, maybe we should listen to them. The Saudi oil baron who now owns his website (or whoever I was, I lost track of) funded these words for a reason. It’s not just ad units, is it? It can’t just be ad units… can it?

Unfortunately, it’s not even an article. This is video content from Rob Parker, something no one asked for for the post-Bush presidency. He doesn’t score a single point for 46 seconds when he exclaims that Kershaw was an ace, but would now be the fourth to start. Brilliant! Hey, Rob, did you catch the playoffs without Kershaw? A burnt Julio Urías, Walker Buehler and an injured Max Scherzer carried them. They couldn’t even get to four! Four would be nice.

He continues to waste the next minute telling fans they can’t live in the past, the “worst thing” fans can do. “Do you really want to see Clayton Kershaw hang around and get knocked down like a rag doll?” Parker asks, ignoring the fact that it’s not a choice between a new LA contract and forced retirement.

Kershaw remains in Major League Baseball whether Parker likes it or not. With a crying need for depth to throw, there’s no reason for this to happen anywhere other than Los Angeles – and oh, by the way, he just won a 2.16 ERA 60-game, 144-Ks sprint. in 121.2 innings / a mark of 3.55 in 2021 Despite the elbow uncertainty, it would be a worthwhile investment in the short term. No one has a sky-high cap on him yet, except Parker, who apparently doesn’t believe anyone over 33 is allowed to continue making money, questioning his own job.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a crust to pick.

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