Borrow money quickly and easily – use our free premium list of reputable direct banks and private lenders

Borrow money quickly and easily – use our free premium list of reputable direct banks and private lenders

Immediately withdraw money

Immediately withdraw money

Who does not want to get money on the spot immediately? If you’re in a hurry, take our quick 2-minute credit search.

We are looking for you private financiers which you can also offer an instant loan. Please note: Read through all 7 points and steps exactly. This article is a guide that helps you to borrow money online immediately.

Do not skip a point and invest 5 minutes with the goal to you at the end simply to be able to borrow money immediately.

First of all, you have to be aware of what an immediate cash payment actually means. If you want to take a classic loan or need a refinance, then you will have to wait a long time at a bank or even a private lender to get fast money!

The difference to a loan or loan is clear. Borrowing money with immediate payment means that you still get cash on the account today.

That’s the big difference and in most cases that too – so say, the most important thing that matters.

For this reason, there is also a detailed article: So you can get a money loan immediate payment!

Borrowing money and getting paid immediately – how does it work in practice?

Borrowing money and getting paid immediately - how does it work in practice?

Nobody wants to search online for hours. And you certainly do not want to spend hours on stupid forms.

Again and again the same questions about your credit rating and the darn credit bureau entries. If only there was an easy way to borrow money, it could be made much simpler. The good news.

There is also a really good way with which you can also borrow cash immediately. And I can already congratulate you now, you are here on the absolutely correct information page.

And as always in life, it depends on the right information so you can borrow money immediately!



As I was in a tricky situation recently in Munich I realized that it is really difficult under the current circumstances to be able to lend you money online.

Especially if you really want to borrow money today! But not only that it was or is difficult online. Even the house bank could not help me.

And other banks where I was already a customer have raised an Aparat, which made it impossible for me to lend money and to be immediately transferred to the account cash.

Direct money borrow with bank transfer?

Direct money borrow with bank transfer?

It all pretty frustrated me. Because we all know how important it has become today to get fast money. I mean, it’s clear that in most cases you need the money right away. An instant loan with immediate payment.

Granted, is of course the classic cases where you want to borrow money which one needs for a property. So a classic real estate financing.

These loans are also completely legitimate. But with these examples, not even the hat is burning. Because you build up here anyway on a long-term financing.

No, I’m talking about the emergencies. Of those situations that are really not funny anymore. From those frustrating moments in life where the water is up to your neck.

The pressure to get money just goes up and you are really desperate. Banks and online guides can no longer help you, the credit rating is really bad and the credit bureau entry no longer allows you to get a loan anywhere.

That’s why I recommend you to improve your credit bureau Score. And if possible, delete your credit bureau entry! Well, what then? Where do you take money from and do not steal? You need good information, tips and tricks that show you we can lend you money immediately!

Transfer money directly to the account?

That’s why it’s important to find a solution to this problem. A guide to having an aid that allows you to borrow money with an instant payout. That makes the difference. Many requests I received are completely legitimate. I have also experienced many cases that really rattled innocently into a dire situation. And I have seen many of these cases as absolutely positive examples.

Online credit immediately on the account – tragic examples from the practice

For example, I had a single mother with 2 children. Completely devastated because your friend had died – car accident.

Since the two were not married and the boyfriend had been the source of the skin spring for years, there was no financial support for the mother either. A life insurance was not available. Until this tragic end, this family’s life was still in butter.

But then. It was a huge shock to the family – and after several weeks of rattling and some repayments, the bank immediately went to work.

Dear Mrs. S., blablabla. The girlfriend had just once been able to finance the funeral expenses and already stood the bank with the open claims dar. Our capitalist system knows no mercy – not even if someone had a car accident.

And even in this tragic life statement, it would have been important to get an online loan right away!

Immediate disbursement and associated risks

The killing thing about the situation was that the house was financed by the house. And the friend also needed no life insurance. The repayments were missing.

The mother was desperate and knew that her income alone would not be enough to finance the house on. So what to do? She knew she had to step down, sell the house and move into a small flat.

And that was what she had tried to do as soon as possible. However, to move to a new apartment, she needed cash. Which you did not have anymore, because the running costs were so high that at the end of the month you did not have any money left.

At least she needed the money for the rent deposit, the moving and the transport of the furniture. She also had to make it clear that her house was sold. Possible brokerage fees are to be borne, your costs for the car, the insurance, the food for the children etc.

She also tried everything possible to get the maximum family support. Whatever you asked her for, she did it. But even that did not help you to borrow further money immediately!

She also had a full time job – 40 hours a week. Her children aged 7 and 9 were at school and, if possible, in the afternoon care. But still, it took you at least 10,000 euros to pay all the fees and costs to sell the house, move your house and move into the smaller apartment.

The house bank could not borrow her money. She tried to borrow money online. But in vain. What matters was clear. She needed fast money. And someone who could borrow your money immediately. Everything else would not help you and make the move to the smaller apartment impossible.

After Mrs. S. tried a lot, she became aware of an article that could enable her to borrow money online immediately. However, after several attempts on other platforms and online banks, she finally got the help she needed.

Someone who was ready to borrow your cash immediately. Without checking credit bureau entry, without lengthy process and filling in worthless forms for hours. As you also managed to borrow cash immediately you can read and see below. Why I want to emphasize Mrs S. is also clear.

After only one year, she had repaid the proud total of 10,000 euros. You have to say that. Hats off from this achievement. And that is why I would like to say that there are many positive and good examples.

People who have suddenly rattled into a difficult financial situation and yet managed to borrow money online, to overcome a financial crisis in the short term and then also as a good example also showed the borrowed money to pay back quickly.

I have managed to make the impossible possible. Banks curse me for giving me money like you can lend money online. Immediately and without waiting time, without credit bureau entry examination and without boring forms that you have to fill in for hours to be able to lend you money immediately!

Why do the banks hate me for that? Well it is clear. It is a business of the banks and after quite some time now also private donors have advanced to the market. Why ? Also very clear. Borrow money online, instantly and also have the cash in 24 hours to have your account, so that even makes the banks crazy.

I know, I know. Many bankers complain that this is all nonsense and that of course you should only trust the banks if you want to borrow money. But honestly. Why should one trust a bank in any way whatsoever?

Banks are those institutions that drive capitalist insanity, greed for more and more money. No matter if it is in Germany or Austria. The banks do not stop at any countries. Worldwide.

If you live in Austria, and you want to distance yourself from the banks and prefer private investors, then read more in the following article: Today still lend money Austria They are the real evil that drive the countries into bankruptcy and the majority of Bringing people into almost impossible financial situations.

And also those companies that borrow money as an instrument of power misuse. Because the one who prints money, can also easily borrow money. Yes, your broken products, your craving for more is seemingly endless. Even if it all goes to the dogs.

I worked for banks in this world myself. And no matter what name this bank carries. Everyone is pursuing the same goal. To carry on the financial depletion of the mass further and to generate maximum profit.

Taste it what it wants. Stealing money from the crowd is easy. If a bank once has 1 million customers, it will only charge you 1 Euro processing fee or account management costs per customer and this company has already made 1 million Euro. In one day.

It’s that simple. And if you need a little more capital to make larger investments quickly, any additional fees will be charged. The same applies to the insurances. The insurance companies have it very thick behind the ears. Do you need more capital quickly to start a few new companies abroad.

What to do? And so do the banks and insurance companies. They call it making investments, but basically you take the money of all savers and investors.

The money that was previously ordered by the banks, so to speak. Ohh .. take the money of your dear customers. This is called premium adjustment. So what is nothing else than that increases your insurance premium. Imagine that here.

A large insurance company with 1 million customers. And a premium adjustment which brings the insurance company with a prescription per customer only 100 euros more per year. That makes a whopping 100 million euros. Boom. Thats how it works.

So the big flagships make really big money. Of course through you. And if you need a little money as a poor swallower and you want to borrow money immediately? Well, what is it? And if the bank goes bankrupt. What are the banks doing then?

Then these bums go to the politicians and say. Hey, shit … but we’re bankrupt. Unfortunately we have speculated. But the money does not just disappear like that.

Someone took it and enriched themselves with millions. So it is even if one is promised to earn money with shares!

But then these companies (most of them are banned) have the nerve to go to the politicians and say we have no money. We are at the end.

The game of the banks

The game of the banks

Maybe then the banks that have gone bankrupt should then also hire your other bank friends and ask for a loan.

But no, you know that another bank will not lend you money. Have you ever thought about why that is? Why a bank does not get credit from another bank?

Because the banks are cutthroat. And also know that you get nothing from a rival bank. And what do these banks do then?

They go with a call for help in politics and scream around: We are completely uninvolved suddenly and expects bankruptcy. Please, please help us and steal the money from our citizens to make up for our greedy and lousy investments and losses.

And what are the dolls doing in politics? These idiots follow the call of the banks and say. Sure, we have to help here. Taxpayers are supposed to pay.

Is that really sick? Imagine being a private person in personal bankruptcy. Who helps you? Does the state give you back the money?

That’s crazy what’s going on here. Every government should pass a law to never lend money to banks. The people should never be liable for banks. How sick is that today?

As you can clearly see, banks are enriching themselves at the expense of the people. So from you. The taxpayer. And our broken politicians have no idea and always respond only to votes.

Of course, this leads to huge financial problems in the long term and makes it difficult to borrow money immediately! It can be seen that the capitalists, that is banks, have our system under control.

I think that many politicians who have not played with the banks have been eliminated for exactly this reason.

Just take the example of Jörg Haider. A politician who always caused a stir in Austria, but wanted to make the banks out of the Garr. He knew that the banks are the root of the financial evil.

And after announcing that he was going to attack the banks and really mess things up with the banking laws – Dr. Jör Haider realtiv quickly thereafter in quite a controversial manner.

Imagine – one of many in the politics of it had finally strapped and the Mum had the banks now also officially pull on the table and go here politically in public. A topic that is never otherwise performed publicly!

Well, what did you do with that? He died in a very strange way. But whether the accident was actually just an accident remains controversial to this day.

There is much that speaks in favor of it being no accident. Below you will find very serious documentation about his death. Banks shy away from anything. Just take the example of Economic Hitman.

That’s Darbo. That’s why we should all renounce the banks and their sick products.

I can only always advise against making more and more dependent on our broken financial system. Having no debt would be the first step in the right direction.

And then close the payments and transactions and bank accounts. Together make the banks the Garr. And also to withdraw liquid funds from the insurance companies.

Above all, insurance companies benefit from an enormous cash flow, because a premium is pre-stretched in advance for a not yet occurred risk.

A huge financial machine that should be stopped. There are many other ill examples of our system.

For example, you can take a closer look at the absurd example of housing finance. You need to understand the system banks are using and how to sell and name your products.

I call it the collective system. This means that banks only win, because you always work collectively. So they use the majority of people. A group of customers who are not customers at all. How this funky banking collective system works in practice, I just want to explain to you here by an example.

Maxi works his butt off as a carpenter. Maxi is a customer of a bank. This bank charges fees for its account management. So, the bank says .. You can have the money with me in the account and I ask for money. Maxi thinks, well .. why not.

Everyone does it. Maxis account management costs are 10 euros per month. Incidentally, the entire salary of Maxi comes to the bank’s account, which takes the money from Maxi and continues to invest. Maxi has about 1500 Euro net income.

Nevertheless, he is diligent and saves. The bank also makes him an offer and says if you open a savings account, we also give you 1% interest. How generous the banks are. Maxi thinks. Great. Better than nothing. So why not?

So Maxi pays his 10 euros fees, incidentally, he makes a savings book and pays every month 100 euros. And he is also economical with his expenses.

And so it happens that he also has more money available on his salary account month after month. Now comes the system of the collective, which all banks make use of. Maxi is not the only customer.

But in addition to Maxi there are still 100,000 other customers who make the same principle. Thus Bank XY gets 1 million Euro in sales per month only with the account fees. Yes, my dear friend, let this business slowly melt on your tongue.

With a ridiculous 10 euros, the bank makes 1 million euros per month. In addition, the bank but then also has spare reserves, which Maxi so constantly pays.

With him, that’s 100 euros per month. And the bank has another 100,000 customers doing it. Thus, the bank takes another 10 million euros per month.

Well, the money does not belong to the bank, but to the customer. But what is the bank doing now? The bank now buys a property, with the fact that it has millions of turnovers. The real estate is being built and then sold. And guess who these properties are sold?



Right .. to Maxi and all the other dear nice customers. But wait, if the bank can now buy and build these properties, then that was only because Maxi paid 10 euros to the bank. And also because he is a diligent saver, right?

Right … and what does the bank do? The bank now advertises to sell these houses. Maxi is interested in a home and thinks, great.

I want to have that. Borrow cash immediately – this is how it works! Maxi has no money. The bank says no problem Maxi. I give you credit. And so the bank is doing even bigger business.

Because now the bank sells a loan and the property with the money Maxi has given her before. And to the actual owner .. lol; Maxi has allowed the bank to build or buy this property.

And now Maxi sits in his own property, continues to pay the money to the bank, he still wants to save and now also the credit.

That means the bank has Maxi in full control. Because now bank sinks Maxi’s money. It’s a real irony. But that is the system of the banking collective. And if Maxi can not pay his credit anymore. Well, then the bank takes everything away from little Maxi. Although the bank has earned some money before.

So it’s not just Maxi, but also millions of other bank customers. As well as insurance kuden. Insurance is a bit more drastic. Because insurance companies take risk premiums, which are completely lost to the customer.

Mathematical calculations show certain cases of damage and frequencies in statistics. Extrapolations can be made, and so it happens that the insurance business has become one of the most profitable businesses of all time.

Clear that more and more insurance companies are trying to penetrate markets. You see, then, how Maxi is fooled. In addition, then comes one more. Maxi has lost his job after 5 hard years. He can no longer afford his repayments.

What now? The bank does not matter. Pay or lose. And so it happens that many people who are in a credit trap also lose their belongings. The bank sinks everything, no matter in what circumstances.

After many bankers have also seen that not only real estate is a business, of course, credit is an extremely profitable business, but also much speculation can be .. well, for many bankers, the greed has become even bigger and bigger.

And so many speculations on the stock market have gone right in the ass. We know that there is the Banekaufschtsgesetz as well as the Insurance Supervision Act.

Which determines that banks and insurance companies may invest only a certain part in so-called risk transactions. Nevertheless, this part is relatively high compared to the cover pool within the insurance industry.

And so it happened again and again that banks went bankrupt because they have just speculated And then run the CEO to the politicians and jammer and tell everyone something of an economic crisis.

Which of course is just bullshit. The coal was gambled by the banker’s sinister greed. The investors were fooled and brought for their money.

Whether savers, or just salary account customers, whether stock investors, etc. customers of banks and insurance companies are fooled – and collectively.

This model is only available worldwide for banks and insurance companies. A really crazy legalized organization. Now that you know all that, you should really start thinking about whether you want to open a household account at all. You should look very closely at the cost of your income. Or if you use credit cards or account cards.

Fees, micro fees, real mini amounts where no one really cares or complains. The banks are enriched by the collective in an incredibly large volume and extent.

An extent that has become so great that these companies dominate the world markets and build or regroup and thus own other companies.

Private Lenders – Private lending money instantly and today

Private Lenders - Private lending money instantly and today

Also a bank is a private enterprise one would like to mean, if this bank is not operated expressly by a federation or a country.

But the really absurd thing about this is that the biggest banks and insurance companies were actually financed by the people. Always.

But in later episodes this was almost completely forgotten and swept off the table. Banks and insurance companies also know it as well as possible to stay out of the headlines and the press.

And if now comes a politician, and the banks will attack, then this is simply eliminated. He could make too much noise. Take the example of the Austrian politician Jörg Haider. There is a documentation, which one should take a look at.

Jörg Haider, accident murder or assassination

Now, hopefully, you’ll have some more insight into lending money from banks. Or when it comes to the business of credit.

Read also my post titled: Lend Money From Private Now Well, I now get many requests that it actually looks like it is borrowing money online, but not from a bank, but from a private individual. Is there something like that?

And if so, do other rules apply here? Now you should be clear that there are also private banks, Aer no preference, any bank whether 100% private or not. All banks are subject to the same banking supervision law and all companies have the same goal.

Achieve maximum profit with loans, with the money of the customers, the savers and maximum costs to raise when it comes to fees.

How does it look like?

So, if you are looking for a provider who can lend you money, then first and foremost there is always a bank in the foreground. But what if a bank is simply out of the question?

What do you do then? Then more and more people ask, it is probably clear to be able to borrow money from a private financier. But who is that? And above all, how can you find these people or companies? So an insider tip of my page.

All credit card providers are basically nothing more than private companies which are involved in the lending business. Everyone wants to earn money with it.

Be aware that if you have a credit bureau entry or are struggling to get a loan or a loan, it will be damn hard to get a quick buck on an online platform as well as an online bank!

What you need is something else. Something that is not so extreme in the verification of your data and something that can help you immediately and quickly.

So that you still have the money in your account today. So, if you have similar thoughts, think about it very clearly.

Short-term loans

Short-term loans

Whether these are short-term loans or even a so-called mini loan, or even microcredit. All these names and names do not really mean much.

In principle, there is only one goal behind it. Namely, that you can borrow cash immediately. And nothing else. That’s what the majority wants to know.

Or say, the majority just want to have this realized. Find a way and qualify for it and then also use this opportunity and a provider to be able to borrow money immediately.

Well, I have good news for you.

I have found some providers, which make it possible to make money through credit cards. So-called short-term loans make it possible. And these loans are paid out by credit cards. Simple, direct and relatively fast.

And where do you find these providers and opportunities? Use my search request and receive in just 2 minutes an email with matching providers!