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Baking your own bread is a good way to ensure soft, fresh and delicious bread on demand.

But baking bread can be quite a long and laborious process. Between measuring the ingredients, kneading the dough, and giving the dough time to rise and bake, it’s very easy to mess up and end up with a less than stellar loaf of bread. Bread machines do most of the work for you, ensuring you get consistent and delicious results, even on specialty breads like sourdough or gluten-free bread.

In a nutshell, bread machines handle the more complex parts of baking bread, allowing you to focus on adding ingredients at a specific time (which they helpfully point out) and just ‘tune it out. and forget it ”.

Whether your budget is $ 80 or $ 300 and up, keep the type of bread you want to bake in mind when purchasing a machine. Because different breads require different ingredients, you might see a model that can bake white, whole-grain, and gluten-free breads, but not capable of producing sourdough or pumpernickel.

Once you’ve found a model that can bake the bread you want, there are a few more details you need to take into account. Some models include additional features such as a choice of finish color for your bread (from light to dark toast), the ability to mix ingredients while baking the bread (sunflower seeds, raisins, etc.) and even customizable programs to try your own non-standard recipes. Most importantly, many models (including those on this list) have a delayed start option that lets you set it up to start baking bread overnight – perfect for waking up to warm, freshly rolled bread. from the oven.

Breadmaker buying guide

Before you rush out to buy any of the useful kitchen appliances for your home, keep the following factors in mind:

• Device size. Breadmakers are handy, but they’re big appliances. Most models are about as wide and tall as a microwave. But some are smaller or have different shapes that may work better in your kitchen. The Cuisinart CBK-110, for example, is built tall and slim to accommodate small kitchens with limited counter space.

• Size of bread. Just because your bread maker takes up a lot of counter space doesn’t mean it will make an equally large loaf of bread. Make sure you choose a bread maker that will produce loaves large enough for your needs and there is plenty of fresh bread to wrap around the table at mealtime. It’s also nice to have the ability to bake breads of different sizes: while some bread machines have this versatility, others only bake bread in one size.

• Heating element. Many bread makers only use a hotplate at the bottom of the appliance, which can produce uneven browning on your bread. Some models have an additional hotplate on top (like the Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus), while others (like the Cuisinart CBK-200) use convection heating for a more even toast.

• Settings. Put simply, if you want to be able to make more than regular white bread, you’ll want to look for a bread maker with multiple baking settings. This way you can try your hand at whole grains, yeast free, gluten free, and more.

• Additional features. Depending on your needs, the additional features included with a specific bread maker can make or break your decision. Items like a dedicated fruit and nut chute, a viewing window to track your bread baking progress, and dishwasher-safe pans are good perks.

The best bread machines

1. Best overall: Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker

Loaf size: 2 pounds | Size: 10.5 “x 18” x 12.8 “| Settings: 15

With 15 different baking settings and a design resembling a traditional bread box, the Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker by Zojirushi is one of the most popular models. Its control panel has large, easy-to-read buttons that make it easy to use, while the glass window lets you keep an eye on your bread while it’s baking. It also has a heating element on its lid, which helps produce evenly browned bread every time.

The Virtuoso Plus is capable of baking breads such as white, whole wheat, gluten free and even vegan breads. And it includes a cookbook for you to try out a few recipes while you get used to baking bread on your own. Once you have completed these recipes, you can program custom cooking modes to try out new, original recipes.

The only downside to the Virtuoso Plus, if you can consider one, is that it only produces 2-pound loaves of bread. This can be a bit too much for small households or infrequent bread eaters. It’s also a bread maker that takes up a lot of counter space, so be sure to plan accordingly.

2. Editor’s Pick: Breville “the Custom Loaf” Bread Maker

Breville BBM800XL Custom Bread Maker

Bread sizes: 1, 1.5, 2 pounds | Size: 15.75 “x 9.75” x 14 “| Settings: 13

With a bread maker, it’s easy to produce delicious and fresh homemade bread, even with ingredients like oatmeal or raisins. Still, many bread machines require you to open the machine halfway to dump these extras, which can cause them to be unevenly distributed throughout your bread. Breville’s “the Custom Loaf” bread maker avoids this by including a dedicated fruit and nut chute.

Additionally, this model features 13 different settings, allowing for a variety of different breads, and it can bake breads between 1 and 2 pounds. Like any good bread maker, it has three different crust color settings (light, medium, dark) and a 13 hour delay start feature, which is useful for overnight baking.

In addition to regular bread, “The Custom Loaf” machine can make pasta and pizza dough, and it includes a “bake only” setting. Be aware that while this Breville model is overall exceptional, it costs $ 300 and up. It can also produce uneven golden breads on occasion, so be sure to be extra careful when baking.

3. Best for low prices: Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

Hamilton Beach Artisan Bread Maker

Bread sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, pounds | Size: 16 “x 10” x 10 “| Parameters: 14

Bread makers are a great way to save you time and money on your weekly or daily carb intake, but they’re also a big investment. Hamilton Beach’s budget model, on the other hand, is a solid compromise between cost and function. With 14 different bake settings, lots of common features like crust color control and “keep warm” and a price tag under $ 100, this is a good option for home bakers on a budget.

The Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is quite compact, about as tall as a blender and just slightly wider. It makes loaves of bread of various sizes from 1, 1.5 or 2 pounds, which is ideal for small families who like to cook an occasional big meal. The baking pan and pallet are also dishwasher safe, making it a godsend for anyone with limited cleaning time.

As expected from a budget model, performance suffers with certain types of bread, especially gluten-free. Some users report inconsistent results if recipe instructions are not followed exactly.

4.Best Compact Bread Maker: Cuisinart CBK-110 Bread Maker

Cuisinart Pain Maker 2lb Pain Nouveau Compact Automatic

Bread sizes: 1, 1.5, 2 pounds | Size: 10.25 “x 13.25” x 11.25 “| Parameters: 12

If you’ve always been curious about bread makers, but think your kitchen is too small for one, the Cuisinart CBK-110 Compact Bread Maker could literally be a good choice. What sets this model apart from similar bread machines is its tall and narrow design, which allows it to take up less space on counters while producing loaves of up to 2 pounds. Of course, that means the buns will be vertical, which isn’t great for sandwiches, but you can make it work with a little creativity.

When it comes to breadmakers, the CBK-110 comes with all the features you’d expect from a model over $ 100, including a ‘keep warm’ setting, gluten-free baking, and food control. the color of the crust. It also has a small window to help you track the progress of your bread as it bakes. The removable baking pan is non-stick, making cleanup easy, and a little recipe book is included to help start your home baking journey.

5. Ideal for multiple settings: Cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker

Cuisinart 2lbs CBK 200 Bread Maker

Loaf size: 1, 1.5, 2 pounds | Size: 12 “x 10.25” x 16.5 “| Settings: 16

The Cuisinart CBK-200 is a great model for anyone looking to add variety to their home cooking experience. With 16 different baking settings, the CBK-200 can handle a number of different types of bread – white, whole grain, yeast free, up to gluten free.

The fact that it uses convection heating makes it one of the best models for an evenly golden crust, regardless of the type of bread. Convection heating is also faster overall, which comes in handy when using the “express” setting.

The CBK-200 also offers customizable baking programs, which are useful for experimenting, and it even includes a low-carb setting when you want to enjoy bread without spoiling your diet. While this is a versatile and sturdy appliance, it is quite large – about as wide and tall as a microwave – so you want to make sure you have enough space in the kitchen for that.

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