Accused of predatory abuse of power, Senate candidate Jason Minnicozzi steps down, blaming financial troubles

democratic candidate Jason Minnicozziformer Brunswick County prosecutor and current New Hanover County public defender, is dropping out of the race for North Carolina State Senate District 7, where he faced incumbent Republican Senator Michael Lee.

The move comes days after a New Hanover County woman posted allegations on social media that Minnicozzi abused her position in the justice system to obtain personal information about her and propose to her after a day traumatic in court.

The woman agreed to allow WHQR to use her social media post, but we have removed her name to protect her from potential harassment and retaliation.

His message read:

In 2015, I was attacked by an ex, his neighbor heard the blows and called the police. By the time they arrived, I had obviously been beaten up and was way too scared to press charges, so the state of North Carolina chose to do that instead. It took a month of persuasion by the prosecutor to testify against my abuser and see him face to face again in court. I chose to do it for the women who could no longer speak out against such violence. It was one of the hardest days of my life and I won’t soon forget it. That being said, I was a crying mess and very clearly a vulnerable person in the courtroom that day.

There happened to be a lawyer handling my case, waiting to use the courtroom after my case was over. He was defending a male aggressor, go figure. How did I know this guy existed? Well he used inside court information after he saw me take the stand so he could track me down on Instagram and DM me later that night asking me out on a date and chatting of his plans that day to portray a violent man. His sympathy was zero, his illegal use of my information was not lost on me, and his only interest was clear to me: he wanted to use his privilege to go after female victims, in particular.

So why share this now? Well, he just sent me a friend request and it turns out the thug is now running for Senate from North Carolina. After realizing his mistake, he immediately blocked me. Smart guy! Would you like to know who this candidate was after hearing all this? Just curious. Thanks for taking the time to read

His name is Jason Minnicozzi. He is running for District 7 of the North Carolina Senate. Feel free to share this entire article anywhere, photos included. We need to keep men like that out of our state senate.

For several days, Minnicozzi and the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) did not respond to requests for comment. Then, late Sunday, the two sent in statements.

The NCDP directly acknowledged the allegations, saying it would not tolerate “harassment”. The NCDP noted that it could present a replacement candidate in place of Minnicozzi.

“Harassment of any kind cannot be tolerated. Mr. Minnicozzi made the right decision to retire from this race. New Hanover deserves a leader who serves with integrity and someone he can trust to get the job done,” NCDP President Bobbie Richardson wrote in a statement.

In stark contrast, Minnicozzi blamed campaign funding shortfalls, made no reference to the allegations, and suggested he would run again when “the time is right.”

Minnicozzi’s statement is below:

When I started my campaign for State Senate 4 months ago, I promised voters in the 7th District that I was “in it to win it.” Over the past few weeks, it has become clear to me that the Republican Party apparatus intends to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to stifle my message of hope and renewal, and instead resort to its old political manual of negativity and debasement.

Despite the overwhelming support I received from the residents of the 7th arrondissement, it seems obvious to me that my campaign simply does not have the financial resources necessary to counter the Republican attacks to come. In short, I have come to the difficult conclusion that my campaign will not have the financial resources to “win it”.

It is crucial that we direct our resources towards preventing the election of a Republican super majority. The people of the 7th District and the state of North Carolina deserve a candidate who has the financial resources to counter the Republican attack machine. I cannot continue in good faith to divert resources from these efforts. Unfortunately, it is clear to me that I must stand down and retire as the Democratic candidate for the North Carolina State Senate, District 7, in order to help advance this goal.

We must do everything we can to prevent a Republican super majority from taking over the State Senate. There is simply too much at stake. I hope that the candidate who takes my place will have the financial backing to do whatever is necessary to take on my opponent, and I pledge to do whatever I can to support whatever whoever this candidate is.

It has been the privilege of my life to run for the State Senate. I am incredibly proud of the work I have done representing the indigent and helping to achieve fairness in our justice system. Although 2022 did not turn out to be my time to run for office, I am extremely grateful for the support I have received and hope that the people of North Carolina and the people of the 7th District will welcome me to again when the time comes. is correct.

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