6 of the most random jobs in Vancouver and you can even make money throwing a hatchet

If you wanted a non-traditional career, there are several options to choose from in Vancouver, BC.

Some of these random jobs that are hiring will let you earn some extra cash fast – and many are even fun.

There’s a range of jobs with weird descriptions and names – from one-day gigs to full-time jobs. No matter what it looks like, it will make great stories to tell your friends.

Get out your resume and start applying to these super random job postings!

Trampoline supervisor

Salary: $15.65 per hour.

Company: Planet Lazer

Who Should Apply: If jumping on trampolines all day sounds like you, apply for this job ASAP. Extreme Air Park is the largest trampoline park in Canada and they are looking for help supervising jumpers.

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ax thrower

Pay: $40 for 2 hours only

Company: GTD Scientific Inc.

Who should apply: If you think you can swing a hatchet at a target for two hours straight, this job might be for you. The job requires you to throw a hatchet while people study the strength and rejection patterns of your throws.

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food technologist

Compensation: Up to $52,000 per year.

Company: Fresh Prep

Who Should Apply: Who knew this was actually a career option?

If you’ve always been creative in the kitchen, this job is your chance to shine. You will be able to formulate and test food box products for the company.

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baby sales assistant

Remuneration: up to $15.20 per hour.

Company: Toys R Us

Who should apply: If you love babies, you’ll love this job. You’ll help parents and new parents make key decisions about their baby product purchases.

The job title is definitely random though.

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ice cream scoop

Compensation: Up to $16.25 per hour.

Company: Rain or shine Ice

Who should apply: If you love ice cream, this will probably be a dream job for you. You can serve delicious ice cream to customers and see the smiles on their faces. It might be hard to resist eating all the ice cream in front of you!

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Fuzzologist – Speed ​​Waxer

Pay: up to $20 per hour

Company: Fuzz Wax Bar

Who Should Apply: If you know how to wax, this job will allow you to help others get rid of those fuzzy hairs all day long.

The job posting even said that you would become a fuzz “expert”.

Apply here

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